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Latest HBR Article Emphasizes Execution Over Strategy

Latest HBR Article Emphasizes Execution Over Strategy

Managerial competence is a better predictor of business success than corporate strategy. This is the conclusion of a comprehensive study by Raffaella Sadun, Nicholas Bloom, and John Van Reenen. The three recently authored an article published by the Harvard Business Review entitled, “Why Do We Undervalue Competent Management?” The authors argue that operational effectiveness is

Why Are We So Busy?
Why Are We So Busy?

As a society, we have increased the quantity and quality of our leisure time tremendously. Many of us aren’t aware—or have forgotten—that not too long ago, we worked six days per week. On May 21, 1989, India’s late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi reduced the workweek to five days for Central Government officials. With the globalization

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Can I Retain The Right People?
Can I Retain The Right People?

Most new managers do not realize that retaining good people is a part of their job. In reality, many of these managers are rated on the attrition levels in their team. As managers, when one of our direct report leaves, there are several repercussions. We may, as supervisors, feel disappointed and rejected. More importantly, the

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What Does A Manager Do?
What Does A Manager Do?

In my career over the last 25 years, I have realized that there is no single answer to what a good manager does. The job of a manager depends on many factors, including placement in the organization’s hierarchy, the type of organization, the stage of the organization, the cultural context, and the competitive landscape. Not

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Managers play a critical role in the success of companies. For companies to win, significant investments in training and growth of managers is needed. This book will help new managers develop perspective on their organization, their role and their teams. I strongly recommend managers to review this book to gain valuable insights.

Ravi Venkatesan
Ravi VenkatesanAuthor 'Conquering the Chaos - Win in India, Win Everywhere'

Having evaluated thousands of engineers for the industry, we found that just a bit of counseling takes them much further in their career.  This book should be a required reading for MBA programs. For MBA graduates, this book will act as a mentor and will provide them with useful tools. A great resource!

Aseem Marwaha
Aseem MarwahaDirector, eLitmus Evaluation

We shared the author’s first book, What I Did Not Learn at IIT, with our new engineers. The book helped them easily integrate into our company. I look forward to sharing the next book, What I Did Not Learn in B School, with our team leads and managers. I am certain that the insights in the new book will help our teams improve project execution and management.

Vipul Kulshrestha
Vipul KulshresthaCo-founder and Head of India Operations, Optimus Information

Revenue growth and more importantly, sustained business growth is difficult and requires exceptional leadership. In order to scale a business, it is critical that the leadership team grow and develop. Using his experience from building a sustained growth company, the author shares insightful and important management practices that are supported by relevant research. To dominate their markets, business leaders should share this book with their management teams. A great contribution to the entrepreneurial community!

Brian Brault
Brian BraultFounder and Chief Executive Officer, PURE Room

Great leaders ask powerful questions! I cannot but help comment that the style of this book by Rajeev is like that of a great leader. Rajeev leads and draws you in through a series of questions. Most chapters are by way of questions (almost like a mentor in the form of printed words) and the answers are varied as well as contextual. Finally, Rajeev reflects on issues we constantly battle as we often lead with personal leadership styles, which may vary. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this rollercoaster ride into the world of management practice in one’s journey to lead.

R. Mukundan
R. MukundanManaging Director and Chief Executive Officer, Tata Chemicals

To build and scale a company, an entrepreneur needs to build a strong culture that is backed by a strong set of management practices. Rajeev does a fabulous job of providing useful tools in this book for entrepreneurs to use and keep in mind as they build teams and leaders. Using his personal experiences and observations, Rajeev has addressed critical issues without the usual buzzwords and complexity. I strongly recommend this book for every leader.

S. Somasegar
S. SomasegarManaging Director, Madrona Venture Group

This engaging book will make a big difference for managers. The chapters in the book are so clear that even a person who is not into reading will be tempted to read the book.

S.V. Nathan
S.V. NathanChief Talent Officer, Deloitte India

This book will help new and aspiring managers develop the skills necessary to reach their full potential. The author has an approachable style and offers practical guidance that I think readers of all levels of experience will appreciate.

Neel Mahapatro
Neel MahapatroCorporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation

Very practical and addresses real issues in our business. All managers should read the book to set realistic expectations for themselves and their teams.

Sunil Goyal
Sunil GoyalChief Operating Officer, Sopra Group India

This book takes the reader through the roller-coaster ride of a manager’s life, from hiring, retaining, and motivating teams, to managing time effectively while growing as an individual. The book demystifies this process with an assured touch and genuine sensitivity.

Arjun Malhotra
Arjun MalhotraCo-Founder, HCL Technologies and Headstrong

In my work with thousands of companies worldwide, very few scale up to any significant size. One practice that is essential across successful scale up companies is that they grow their leadership teams at multiple levels.  This book is a great resource for growing leadership teams in sustained growth companies. As a Gazelles growth company, MAQ Software has implemented key management techniques explained in the book. I highly recommend this book to industry leaders to share with their teams to grow their businesses.

Verne Harnish
Verne HarnishFounder and CEO, Gazelles

This authentic and inspiring book will help many young managers advance in their careers. Many leadership development departments will use this book to supplement their own training programs. A must-read for new managers to develop skills and to gain additional perspective on life in management.

Ankur Prakash
Ankur PrakashVice President of New Growth and Emerging Markets, Wipro

Advances in the software industry continue to accelerate at an astonishing pace. India has been at the forefront in helping companies worldwide implement software-driven innovations. With exciting advances in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, and Mobile computing, the industry is challenged yet again to adapt quickly. More than ever, managers will play a critical role in developing and adopting new technologies. This book is an excellent guide full of useful insights for managers looking to stay ahead. Highly recommended!

C.P. Gurnani
C.P. GurnaniManaging Director and Chief Executive Officer, Tech Mahindra

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